The Births



From when the sun sets,
Twilight in her golden dress departs.
Birds set for nests
Waving farewells to a day that melts
Into a time of slumber,
Pillow talks marshmallow soft
Salted laughs shared in exchange.
Touches and caresses as tender as a serpent’s deceit,
Bodies be one,
That time when clouds in darkness hide,
Camouflaged by night’s tuxedo.
Thoughts separate like fingers,
Fingers that explore under nylon sheets,
Tickling nipples like blind hatchlings
Till in months after,
Babies rain.

When am i going to see you again


We were strangers,
Whose sights seemed related.
That day by the mill
I remembered your scars,
Like I pictured my birth
Yet with inaccurate thought.
I heard my mind race,
As your breath’s warmth
Reached for my eye as you blew.
It touched my adrenaline’s youth,
I stood glued to imaginary sanity,
So why do horses run in my thoughts,
And why now does looking back become a nightmare.
Was i lost or was I in a dream,
In dreams people fly,
Like paper kites only to fall in a storm.
In dreams people are rich,
Only to rise to a stink of the old screaming bed.
But I saw you,
I felt your lips,
And your tongue’s tip
As they sealed like a concrete.
And sight of you became a harmonica,
That once blasted in prison,
That month I there grazed
I see you as much as I hear it.
Measure for pleasure and toil,
All is and always will be at par.
When am I going to see you again?

That African feeling.


Take me away with you this time,
When again you decide to leave.
I hear you travel far,
To places where the rainbow ends
And day there turns to night.
I hear you meet African men,
That bath you in good luck waters
Dancing around a fire
Take me there.

Take me away with you this time,
I am told you journey far.
Across crossroads
Dusty Afrian plains.
To a place where Africa ends
And the Ocean embraces it goodbye
Its winds caressing it
Giving life.
Take me there,
For stories of you excite.

Take me away with you,
To Heaven’s window,
The Okavango,
Or the Mosi oa Tunya.
There i want to sit with you
Sharing rum
And we both watch the Sunset
The elephant walk
And the thundering smoke

Toasting to life.

Elegy composed from a quiet Graveyard


Footsteps caressed barren lands,
I walked in silence
Careful not to scare the crows
That there stood patched on epitaphs,
Like scarecrows.
Guardians of the unknown soldier’s tombs..
Heroes of our freedom,
In black and white silence,
Crows there like walls stood
Flapping, like in retrospect,.

”Doing the cross”

There I saw a gun planted,
Its muzzle in cold earth
Helmet hung
Dangling like a prophetic lie.
Reminder of a gory past ,
We won, we won
There our tattered flag flying at half mast.


I met with death’s whisper,
That in me sent a secret chill
Visualizing wars,
Flying orisons
Gory limbs, Bombs
Battalions falling,
In my remembrance
Walking away,
Singing silent praises,
To these fallen soldiers
And the Guardian crows.

Extract from a blackman’s diary


Walls like arguments close in,
Minds in loneliness sinking.
No more songs of affection,
Or kisses dipped in passion.
Long forgotten are poems of love,
And the Odes to sweet maidens.
Day is born and dies,
More and more walls close in,
Squeezing life out of the little light left of it,
Lovers in sorrow hunch,
Waving farewell to love
Embracing loneliness.

It could have made sense


Where were you?,
When summers in turn passed
In silence like dying lambs.
When the Violin of peace wept,
And we sang along with it in the rain
Redemption songs
Emerging from refugee camps.

Were you there?,
When winter snow fell late
Soothing the burning hills of Africa
And yet biting us in frost.
When enemies sank in vile rum,
Shouting hooray
To our barrenness
Spitting on our Gods’ paths.
Were you there?,
When dry days bid adieu
After the torrential rains
Departing from lands polluted by the blacksmith’s smoke
And yet we lacked seed.

Were you there
When we planted prayers in the Ganges,
Along with Indian Sadhus.
Farewell, farewell we sang,
And with this we were blessed
Where were you?.

Bonsai Tree




So let our love last longer,
Like Bonsai trees of Japan.
Let time trim our passion’s path,
Hour hand to hour hand
Like the Bonsai Artists of the Penjing
That inherit a wonder.
Let our love like Bonsai bloom,
Pink and white flowers
That will attract eyes like wild bees
That turn pollen into sweetness.

So let us be known,
Like Bonsai
In places holy, as the ones that love.
I will name you mine
And in turn you name me yours,
We be one like a Bonsai tree’s secret
A sacred secret of age and growth .
Our passions will touch hearts far,
Like the Bonsai leaves touches the Japanese zephyr,
Like hearts that hear the story of its existence and wonder.

I love you.


In the park’s silence
I saw butterflies fight,
For patch on a rose bright.
The winds by passing on,
Birds singing up high in untamed tone.
Waiting for a feast.
I watched them wrestle,
Rolling in colorful tussle.
I watched them fall,
Along with the parrot’s call.
Wonder in me caused heat,
As both fell not to defeat


What a beautiful brawl,
That rages on avoiding a draw.

We kissed


Time stopped for a while,
The wind too and day.
We kissed,
Slow to the halt of time
And to the scented air of Arabian days.
Your eyes closed,
Mine too
Like newborns,
We closed the world outside our shell.
And in serenity we drowned.
Your heart beat spoke to mine,
Your gaze too,
As you stared in my eyes without blink
Straight like a doll.
That day I remember,
Time stopped
We built our Europe of passion
And danced around it in love.

Till romance lost guard,
Jealousy rained
Love was wounded,
Talks mushroomed
Trust passed away,

And we parted.

My African Story


Walk me to the mountains of peace,
Where freedom flags were raised in sorrowful joy.
Hold my shaking hand tight,
Talk to my patriotic mind slow,
With me sing Viva,
Direct me,
Deep into African forests.
Dark forests marred by unforgiving thorns,
Fattened by African flesh.
Show me the graves,
In Chimoio and Nyadzonya
Where forgiving souls rest,.
Take me to Sharpeville,
Where history was made.
And where the Hutus and Tutsis rest Innocent souls,
There we shall pray.
That gory death met and embraced.
Souls that fell to the bullet’s wrath.

“Rest in Peace”

Forgive my tears if there they fall,
It is but sad stories.



The preacher’s lips anoints vowels,
Hands raised in holy praise.
Eyes closed in retrospect,
Holy, holy hymns in tongues sung
Atheists from dungeons wonder
Far where there they breed belief,


Words fly on,
The congregation on them feeds.
Holy fire burns,
The suffering’s hope,
The ill’s faith,
The injured’s belief,
All in one smoke.
Toddlers in incest’s scent stray
Still in solid voice he screams

“How great thou art”


Will we kiss


Will we walk
And at that same time talk.
Will we grab time,
And in its shade simmer
Like tears of a lantern,
That flows in a dark path
And there its light is seen.
Will we kiss ,
Like the waters of the seven seas
That surfs up in haste to kiss shore.
Till like the shore’s sands we in love soak,
And never yearn to dry.
Will we appeal to sight,
Noble sights
Like bars of Tut’s gold
Or a bunch of roses and daffodils.
Will we?


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