Gustav Klimt, The Kiss,




Like doves that fly by in pairs,
Let those that see us praise.
Lovers that brag of knowing love hush now, silence.
Not does the baker parade with bread,
Nor the tinker with his pots.
Love is best enjoyed in silence,
When wolves howl not,
Witches and wizards when they slumber.
Like imaginary dreams of riding wild stallions.
Love is like Gustav’s the kiss
Let it walk your imagination
Step by step,
And savor its scent in grave quietness.
Like a kiss love is enjoyed with one’s eyes closed,
Loosely shut like a maiden smelling a daffodil.
Slow, slower like an oiled flowing stream of Arabia.
Dance not in our praise,
Nor carnival like in Rio.
Let’s like a candle in pitch darkness burn in silence,
Care not of the wind,
Eyes far in darkness will sing
And their shades around us dance.

And for us praises they will scream.

The Births



From when the sun sets,
Twilight in her golden dress departs.
Birds set for nests
Waving farewells to a day that melts
Into a time of slumber,
Pillow talks marshmallow soft
Salted laughs shared in exchange.
Touches and caresses as tender as a serpent’s deceit,
Bodies be one,
That time when clouds in darkness hide,
Camouflaged by night’s tuxedo.
Thoughts separate like fingers,
Fingers that explore under nylon sheets,
Tickling nipples like blind hatchlings
Till in months after,
Babies rain.

When am i going to see you again


We were strangers,
Whose sights seemed related.
That day by the mill
I remembered your scars,
Like I pictured my birth
Yet with inaccurate thought.
I heard my mind race,
As your breath’s warmth
Reached for my eye as you blew.
It touched my adrenaline’s youth,
I stood glued to imaginary sanity,
So why do horses run in my thoughts,
And why now does looking back become a nightmare.
Was i lost or was I in a dream,
In dreams people fly,
Like paper kites only to fall in a storm.
In dreams people are rich,
Only to rise to a stink of the old screaming bed.
But I saw you,
I felt your lips,
And your tongue’s tip
As they sealed like a concrete.
And sight of you became a harmonica,
That once blasted in prison,
That month I there grazed
I see you as much as I hear it.
Measure for pleasure and toil,
All is and always will be at par.
When am I going to see you again?

Serenade of parting


Dear beloved,

I am sorry I have to leave this way.

And again to you this way write,

I am here dressed in sorrow, my heart in its blood drenched.

My heartbeat is a stabbing pain,

Stab, stab ,stab

My thoughts insatiable desires I fear.

So beloved again I am sorry I have to leave this way.

The umbilical code of passion that us joined dried off and fell I feel

The heat that starts our fires lost in dusty ash.

For now here I stand with dead roots

Love’s meaning lost along with our memories,

Our tunes differ beloved can you hear

Once were our songs of passion now grave silence

I bleed loneliness, I bleed sorrow

A rusted harp hanged by a noose of rust i am.

Dear beloved,

Our future belongs to fate I dread her wrath,

For she can be gory and cunning

Her smile like yours unforgiving.

Her anger a raging fire that burns even the gentlest of fawns like my heart

Her embrace a deceitful viper that entices eyes

Yet pours venom in the admirer’s veins.

Here it is in your beauty that my sorrow slumbers at peace i worry.

So let i serenade,

And walk the rest of this path solo.

So long……..

Passionful Ether


Why do you leave so early my love?
When the night is young and this dance honey sweet.
Let us like serpents coil and kiss,
Lying etherised upon each other in passionful ether
And like a dream float.

Why do you leave so early my love?
Let us this sweet scented incest air breathe,
From this flame of love that here burns slow
Dancing through the zephyr like an intoxicated dwarf.
Hold me, love me
And make sweet love to this night’s silence.

Why do you leave so early love?
Stay i beg you please
So my soul to your heart that here beats dances
Until like a stream of Eden we flow as one.
Stay a while longer beloved,
And we make love.

Sweet love.

Wedding vows for the served.


I once wondered through time alone,

Pacing in gardens of loneliness.

Lovers in the gardens there lacked,

Singer birds too that sweeten day unseen.

Bright flowers in that garden rusty,

Red roses and daffodils too.

I once wondered through time alone,

In nights cold where loud owls hoot from dusk till dawn’s youth.

When slowly dawn falls ravens too loudly caw,

Brawling with the silence needed in my head

Darkening my dampened day amore.

I once wondered through time alone,

Empty paths of utter lonely silence.

Where no one held my hand

No men there walked my thoughts

Except my gory past that proved a vile memory.

I once walked alone,

Until you came with this love.


Riderless horses gallop my dreams,
Making rise there a dust as thick as a conjurer’s lies.
From behind my reasoning afar they race
There beyond the back of my dreams,
My mind’s mind,..

To that place where my dreams end they run,
Embracing the horizon of my dreams’s canvas where the sun shines deemed, or are they?
To a place where there my hopes are.
Is it there where my demise lies hidden, unknown
In wrapped secrecy like a virgin’s enchanted nipple
Or an old lady’s aged navel.

Why do horses run my dreams,
In such untamed haste that makes the ground dance
And the man in me trembles.
Is it to my end where they run,
There where most of my questions bloom unanswered.

Lord walk with me.

The world is but gory

I see truth in your eyes,
That there sits with hope.
Expectations too i see dear beloved.
Be warned,
The world is but gory,
Men’s motive cunning and folly.
Smiles behind hide intentions untrue,
Embraces are a deceiver’s kiss
And kisses are a wild toxin.
Stray not from wise words,
The preaching of the anointed.
Avoid paths unclear,
The vile talk of heathen tongues beware.
Keep abreast the unsullied,
From their wells drink,
And on their lands plant seed.
Pay a sharp ear to the Philosopher’s teachings,
He who tamed the past and knows the future through dreams.
Pray to the gods,
That your heart believes are true.
Judge not by the old woman’s looks
Nor by the Orator’s speech.
Let wit lead thee dear beloved,
It led me.

When love died

I stopped loving,

Then the morrow i stopped living.

Far i stashed loving words,

Like the story of a witnessed murder.

Sweet words once i used to coax,

Those that once were my lovers.


Here i stand loveless

Gone are the lines i used to snare maidens.

Love ballads, sonnets a pain,

Songs of love now insatiable desires

Feelings asunder.

I stopped loving,

When love proved an elusive unicorn.

So hearken,

On days when passion again knocks on hearts that here bloom

And elsewhere broken hearts sob.

Stand with me in defense ,

And of me this say

“Involve him in this not,

This is he, the lad that stopped loving”



Faces here glow,

Lit up like the Orion’s belt.

Beauty on maidens find nests,

Where there it sits and with fairness maidens are blessed.

Dimpled faces smile,

Smiles whiter than summer’s moonlight.

Wrapped in the cocoon of celebrating beauty,

Maidens in ignorance drown

Bathing in balm from admirers.

Age like a dream of death creeps in slow,

Slowly ousting beauty that  departs like day.

Yet still unaware maidens dance,

Marriage and real love there passing unseen

Still ignorance summons them hither

There towards where the Reaper feasts.

Beauty like jewels glows true,

And yet still like a rose dies.

Why then not life let lovers love,

And maidens in youth rejoice.




Like all beings alive

It is death the most, that i secretly fear.

I see it in my dreams creeping,

Around dark portraits that my fearful mind paints.

I see death with my imagination dancing,

Swaying slow like a bereaved swan that lost a mate.

It is my demise that i fear most,

For still in my mind it there ensconced like a Noble

Its imagery so vivid and gory.

It is death that i mostly fear,

Those songs of grieving that the choir sings

Slow like a  cathedral knell.

It is death that i fear most

So here i am,

Hold my hand.

A sweet daffodil

From there where a jaguar borrowed her fair coat
That blends neat with the jungle floor.
There where the salamander buries its secrets of existence.
It is there where i draw from words,
And weave them in hope into sentences of courtship.
Will you love me?
Beloved maiden
I saw you bloom,
Amongst wild flowers you stood a sweet daffodil.
Glowing smiling as if to my soul.
Swaying to the wind’s soft nudge.
So come with me dearly beloved,
To a place where i sap words,
In the calm of a forest’s curse,
There we write vows and sweet words of passion on stone tablets.
Words composed
From a place rare,
There each other we serenade.
Our words shall be different…

Our love too.

Africa Today


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Africa Today



To those that in their hearts keep peace


In years of my life i  saw the demise of a Nation that once stood proud as Africa’s bread basket. A nation that stood glowing in its beauty, its currency, its fertile lands, its cultures and its wealth. I saw a once proud people toil in hunger like mongrels, slave to their choices and fear of change and growth. I saw a people journey far leaving their  families, friends and the graves of their forefathers. I saw a people walk past Epitaphs of their beloved parents (God bless their Souls), .I saw Fathers kiss goodbye to their new born babies journeying to eke out a living in lands far, leaving wives whose wombs still bleed to gather faggots of dead wood to kindle the kitchen heath hoping. Sadly little does one’s ear shadowed by hope listen to the thin voice of fate that calls for doom and destruction.The place of hope (South Africa) for the hungry few has become a place of slaughter.

Once upon a time existed an Africa so united against a common cause.Songs of redemption and emancipation were always played blended with political chants and party calls on the what was then the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation.Political propaganda, oneness and racial parity was a mode of motivation that strengthened the unity of masses. Africa saw the rise of icons whose names still run in the blood of our History and Sovereignty per state as a continent, The likes of Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Robert Mugabe,  Samora Machel , Haille Selasie just to mention a few during and after the struggles for independence. These individuals united in the redemption  of  Africa from Colonial rule as one as a family.Kwame in thart period wrote:



“Never before in history has such a sweeping fervor for freedom expressed itself in great mass movements which are driving down the bastions of empire. This wind of change blowing through Africa, as I have said before, is no ordinary wind. It is a raging hurricane against which the old order cannot stand […] The great millions of Africa, and of Asia, have grown impatient of being hewers of wood and drawers of water, and are rebelling against the false belief that providence created some to be menials of others. Hence the twentieth century has become the century of colonial emancipation, the century of continuing revolution which must finally witness the total liberation of Africa from colonial rule and imperialist exploitation.”
― Kwame NkrumahAfrica Must Unite


The Africa that we here stand on proud today of which our Posterity tasks us to defend.Africa gained power and recognition out of its acceptance of Unity of purpose.Powerful nations arose, amongst the States that rose was The Republic of South Africa.

In 1948 the Dutch in South Africa imposed a rule that saw the white population gaining 90% of control and power hence giving way to Apartheid. White supremacy saw black people being mistreated by whites and the Apartheid government. South African black people grew up amidst racial discrimination, poverty and violence which to an extent contributed to ethnic and racial tensions amongst its tribal groups. Settler regimes used the divide and rule method as a scheme of control, massacres of revolting masses and the limiting of resources also was a method the Apartheid government used to control the ever protesting masses.Black South Africans reached out to other African countries thus breathing within the vein of Unity.The injustice, racial discrimination and other contributing factors attracted the eye of the surrounding nations who had gained their Independence especially in 1960 when about 17 countries gained their Independence and more countries that did there after, conditions like sanctions were tightened and set against the South African Government for the gory treatment and living conditions of ordinary South Africans. The African continent stood against the Apartheid system and upon succumbing to international pressure of economic sanctions imposed against the 1983 constitution, the new white Leader De Klerk released Nelson Mandela and put in place a new constitution. Finally black people gained power and seats in parliament and South Africa’s president became a Black South African. The effort was from the South African people and all else who came to their aid in times of need, African to African.South Afican peace as well as most African countries was a collective effort. It is only when the people were united as Africans regardless of colour or creed that Colonialism was defeated and African countries found Independence.

It is a painful and hurtful site to see the violence that today erupts in South Africa. People do fall into misunderstandings yes it is normal, it is how the people in question react to the scenario that determines the path of things. History is shaped by violence, peace protests, fights,  mass marches and what happened mostly is remembered because it was either done by a crowd for a good cause or it was done by an individual backed by a group of people. The French Bastille fell because a people were United against it. European despot monarchies fell for a people were United. My point in this is to elucidate on the importance of unity and its yielding positive results.

Human instinct dictates that if a person’s vicinity is no longer a conducive oasis of sustenance one has to go and look for greener pastures . Human instinct also allows one to make decisions and journey to places that can be able to sustain one’s or a family’s livelihood. Migration has always been there since the cradle of humankind, it is a part of our lives as human beings. African migrants are seen in Europe and Asia and the United States of America and vice versa, it is a part of our lives to try and provide for our families as much as possible. I find it fair to argue that apart from all this South African people are acting now out of selfishness and ignorance in fuelling their gory purge against foreigners that migrated into their country to eke out a decent living.It is only here in my travels where i saw a people that watch and curse at a dying man stonned to death, a crowd that sings and laughs at a man doused in petrol to be burnt alive whilst he pleads for his life all because he is foreign. It is only in this land that being a foreigner is a crime that deserves punishment by death in the most inhuman ways. The recent spate of xenophobic attacks does not only stain our moral fibre as a race but it tears our veil of unity that those before us toiled to weave. Violent attacks, burning foreigners and calling them names and displacing them is seen on the news worldwide, black on black and tribal superiority is slowly replacing the Apartheid system that we as a continent fought tooth and nail to eradicate. The South African mob has immeasurable anger towards foreign nationals. The attackers have become masters of blame and the ills of society are blamed on foreigners. One after analyzing this will see that the attacks are focused on the poor of the affected societies. The fortunate ones find ways to blame then violently prey on the weak and unfortunate. The Somali business people that trade in the townships making it easier for the people to buy basic commodities are robbed and their shops violently looted all because they are blamed for stealing business opportunities. One can only utilise a chance, had they found these places occupied by South African businesses none of the Somali business people could have come to trade in the townships Utilisation (BASIC INSTINCT). The workplace is a place where unfortunately citizenship does not guarantee a post but one’s experience and know how is most crucial, yet the ones attacking the foreigners argue that the foreigners are stealing their jobs. The million dollar question is , will hospitals, technical industries and sectors with foreign nationals function tomorrow if today the foreign professionals that work there decide to up and leave.

Reasoning serenades only a sober ear, and success follows those that believe in the impact of unity. Lions hunt in prides, baboons protect each other in troops and buffalo herds are a force in numbers.Nature is a painted canvas that the gods paint to teach mankind. The people of South Africa need to be informed on how their state was build, whose blood was spilled and the role their neighbours played in their struggles. Fresh from Independence they need to know the use of other ways in voicing out their concerns. Schools and clinics are being burned , the killing is bad and inhuman. The continent of Africa only is what it is today because the people opted for unity that in turn yielded results.

However South Africans do not owe anyone for this, they like everyone else need to enjoy their independence and its results in undisturbed peace. Immigrants need to be as legal as possible and this can only be achieved with the immigrants playing their parts in making the system work. People need to look at things not with a selfish but candid eye that is not sensitive to criticism. We need to play a part in ensuring the South African government that is in turn helping us with asylum and refuge. The people of South Africa need to learn to address issues without the use of violence.

“I witnessed a man stoned to death, boys burned to death, and asked myself where humanity is and what are we teaching our children if we raise them in labyrinths of anger and destruction.”

The world is in turmoil, we brew  it as a people we need to stop. Tribal tensions and differences can not be a wedge that between races cause wars, lets end it. A wild fire cradles from a small match and it burns vast forests. Peace is for us and can only be brought forth by us as a United people.

May those that fell to Xenophobia Rest in Peace, may those that caused it find peace in their hearts and may the displaced find it in their hearts to forgive.


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